Thoughts on Teaching MBSE

Thoughts on Teaching MBSE

March 29, 2023 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Speaker: Rick Steiner, Joe Gregory, Mitchell Kirshner - University of Arizona

The primary issue in teaching Model Based Systems Engineering is that students must learn 3 orthogonal concepts simultaneously:

  1. Application of the systems engineering process, which they may already know but have not applied in a rigorous MBSE environment.
  2. Expressing systems concepts consistently in a robust systems modeling language.
  3. Building and querying a coherent system model in a modeling tool (learning both “button-ology” and best practice).

This presentation will touch on various graduate-level MBSE teaching approaches that the presenters have used successfully over the past decade. They will emphasize the role of student modeling assignments, discussion sessions, online learning constraints, office hours, vendor-specific training resources, quizzes, student-selected projects, assignment grading & feedback, and teaching students to assess system models.

Speaker Biography

3 authors

1. Rick Steiner: INCOSE Fellow and ESEP (Expert Systems Engineering Professional), MBSE coach, and contributor to the SysML specification.

2. Joe Gregory, PhD: (bio TBS)

3. Mitchell Kirshner: PhD candidate at University of Arizona, focused on MBSE & digital engineering.