June 7, 2023 from 12:45 pm to 1:30 pm

Speaker: Andy Henderson - Zuken Vitech

This presentation will serve as an introduction to the upcoming release of a fully functioning and OMG UAF 1.2 compliant implementation of the UAF in GENESYS. Zuken Vitech has taken the OMG specification and combining its industry standardized meta-model with Zuken Vitech’s long standing Systems Design Language has created a truly unique, useable and user friendly UAF implementation for its GENESYS Model Based Systems Engineering platform. Users of the UAF will find the GENESYS implementation to be intuitive, while still providing comprehensive adherence to the the OMG UAF Specification, and still provide the valuable traceability, rigid syntactical structure and model consistency that GENESYS is known for.

In its UAF implementation Zuken Vitech has taken a radically different approach than its previous implementation of the DoDAF. Previously, GENESYS relied on reports to output the necessary views, in the UAF implementation the Systems Architect can directly build each view directly in GENESYS utilizing new table/matrix views, updated Block Definition Diagrams, and other updated SysML views that align better with the SysML V 1.6 specification. The model organization will be directly related to the UAF Grid View, making model navigation easy to understand and follow. Model Diagnostics are also included to aid the Systems Architect in understanding all the connections between elements of the UAF model, and what is missing in order to create a complete view. Of course, report outputs of the view will still be available similar to what is available in the current GENESYS DoDAF implementation.

Welcome to the UAF in GENESYS.

Speaker Biography

Andy Henderson is a Principal Systems Engineer at Vitech. He spent 19 years as a systems architect for Northrop Grumman prior to joining Vitech. During his tenure at Northrop Grumman, he performed systems engineering work, test and evaluation, and reliability and maintainability engineering on a range of programs, from early NASA Orion proposals and design, Targets, small UAV programs, and the Global Hawk family of UAVs, before moving on to the Vehicle Management Systems Group. He is a long-time CORE user with extensive script writing experience, who really enjoyed using CORESim to model a variety of engineering problems, and enjoys doing the same in GENESYS.