SysML v2 and Vitech’s Comprehensive Systems Design Language

SysML v2 and Vitech’s Comprehensive Systems Design Language

June 7, 2023 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Speaker: Daniel Nguyen - Zuken Vitech

The languages of the world evolve through time, to keep up with inevitable changes in technological, political, and demographic characteristics of respective societies. Engineering languages are without exception. They must continue to improve to meet more stringent demands of building larger, more complex, and integrated products. For over 30 years, Zuken Vitech has developed and continually evolved a modeling language for systems architecture, called the Systems Definition Language (SDL). This language serves as the backbone of CORE and GENESYS.

Systems engineering profession is moving towards the publication and adoption of the next generation of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML), designated “SysML v2”. In response, Vitech is evolving its language to an “SDL v2”, which will be conformant with the SysML v2 standard. The beloved DNA of SDL will remain – precise and natural engineering language as well as the advantages of Vitech’s tools, including assured consistency of diagrams and the underlying data model and extensive model validation checkers, to name a few.

This presentation will showcase Vitech’s strategic approach to modernizing the SDL as the foundation for on-going improvements to our product line. The goal is to continue providing the most elegant solutions that our customers and their customers love while addressing language conformance within the industry. The roadmap will highlight our ideas in combining the desirable features of the current tool implementation with the language changes necessitated by SysML v2.

Speaker Biography

Daniel Nguyen is a Principal Systems Engineer at Vitech. Daniel is a member of the Product Strategy team which is responsible for architecting features and improvements to the Vitech tools and language. Daniel works closely with the Sales team in helping customers evaluate their tool and process needs. Daniel also provides MBSE consulting assistance and modeling instructions to GENESYS users of all backgrounds and expertise. Daniel holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA and a ME in Systems Engineering from Stevens. Daniel has a professional background in military aircraft architecture and integration.