Six Fundamentals of a Successful MBSE Implementation

Six Fundamentals of a Successful MBSE Implementation

June 6, 2023 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: Dan Spencer

Model-Based Systems Engineering continues to gain general acceptance for projects that develop and impact engineered systems. However, some projects and organisations miss the full benefits if all key aspects of good practice in MBSE are not fully understood. This presentation attempts to explain six fundamentals of MBSE that can open up the full advantages of MBSE, not just to practitioners, but also to broader stakeholder groups.

Building from the basis of systems thinking, we know that understanding the interdependencies and interactions of a system’s parts are essential to understanding the properties of the system. We similarly should explore the rationale for the building blocks of our approaches to engineering of systems, and also the interplay between them.

The aspects of a comprehensive approach being explored are:
• A set of clearly defined notations to effectively communicate concepts.
• A metamodel providing semantic meaning to model data, defining the ontology of the systems engineer, and importantly the interrelationships between systems elements.
• The translation of this underlying metamodel to the notations, a concept understood as “viewpoints” on the model.
• People with the right skills in the tool, processes and systems engineering controls.
• Processes aligned to the engineering and project outcomes.
• The right selection of MBSE and other Digital Engineering tools that provide extended benefits in the digital transformation of our engineering knowledge.

The presentation covers the justification for each of these elements, examples of how they can be defined, and some guidance on implementation. Extending from this, the benefits of good practice to various stakeholder groups are explored.

Speaker Biography

Daniel Spencer is a practicing Systems Engineer, specialising in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He founded Spencer Tech Pty Ltd in 2014 as a specialist provider of systems engineering and software services. Spencer Tech represents Zuken Vitech Inc. in Australia and New Zealand markets.

Working with clients in defence, transportation, resources, manufacturing and telecommunications industries, Daniel provides training courses in MBSE, technical and sales support, and has built digital engineering infrastructure solutions.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology and Telecommunications with Honours from the University of Adelaide.