Relying on MBSE for cybersecurity within mass-transportation systems

Relying on MBSE for cybersecurity within mass-transportation systems

June 8, 2022 from 8:00 am to 8:45 am

Speaker: Jack Ransyn, In-Businezz

Cyber security – or for that matter – all security relies on granting access to those who can present the right credentials and keeping others out. When security is compromised, data is exposed or lost, processes are disrupted and systems are taken hostage. Network and systems security is becoming an industry by itself, and its mission is basically the same as any medieval city that thrives on trade, yet protect its inhabitants: Provide a system that is both secure and open.

But now place a system for ensuring data security within the context of mass transportation, where the lives of passengers rely on collaborating computer systems. Loss of data security can now potentially cause serious safety issues.

Developing a system that needs to work within a centralized transportation system, connects between vital safety systems and internet access, needs to comply with cyber security rules that are still being developed, and needs to comply with system interface standardization that has not been proven in practice, and needing collaboration between parties that are not used to building systems together, just cannot be developed without MBSE. In this case study – almost everything was new, so the MBSE method used needed to be well established, and its users needed to be familiar with the models (DoDAF) and tools (Core 9).

The presentation covers the first year of the project, starting from a paper that describes the Vision for the system, and ending with a requirements program, a project plan and a systems architecture, the next step being a request for proposals from developing parties.

Speaker Bio

Jack Ransyn has developed and applied MBSE methods from his aerospace graduation years in the early ninety’s toward today. In this capacity he has been involved in new system development within aerospace (ICADS collaborative engineering), wired telecommunications (analogue PABX to digital VOIP), wireless data, defense, autonomous driving and hi-speed rail. Basically, his skills are best suited for systems for which the development environment still needs to be developed.