New Digital Thread Solutions for Architecture and ECAD Models

New Digital Thread Solutions for Architecture and ECAD Models

June 6, 2023 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Dirk Zwemer – Intercax

Modern engineering involves a federation of engineering disciplines whose engineers use many different tools, formats, and storage repositories and who are distributed around the globe and across time. The Open Digital Thread concept offers a practical approach to building an ASSOT (authoritative single source of truth) out of a heterogeneous set of engineering models. Stakeholders are able to ask questions about the connected engineering information and to receive answers promptly, often in seconds or minutes.

Zuken, Vitech and Intercax are partnering to show how tools such as GENESYS, DS-E3 and DS-CR can be integrated into the Syndeia digital thread platform. Users will be able to access the contents of these repositories, create a network of relations with ALM, PLM, and other engineering repositories, and transform, analyze and report data through best-in-class data science and business analytics platforms.

In our presentation, we will introduce the Open Digital Thread vision and describe its most important characteristics. We will then share some of the latest solutions integrating Zuken and Vitech models with user interfaces for graph visualization, data science analytics and digital pipelines within the Syndeia digital thread platform.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Dirk Zwemer ( is President of Intercax LLC (Atlanta, GA) and an active teacher and consultant in the field of Model-Based Engineering.