Modeling Complex Dynamic System Behavior in a Novel Nuclear Power Plant Using MBSE

Modeling Complex Dynamic System Behavior in a Novel Nuclear Power Plant Using MBSE

June 7, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Speaker: Bradley Drake and Saige Owens, NuScale

The first-of-a-kind NuScale small modular reactor is a novel alternative to traditional nuclear power generation. The NuScale Power Module ™ (NPM) enables scalability for prospective customers by modifying the number of NPMs in any given plant. This technological advancement inside the nuclear industry has prompted the application of MBSE to overcome specific challenges, optimize product development, and ensure plant safety. NuScale’s systems engineering has faced a variety of challenges during MBSE implementation including: application of MBSE within a nuclear industry that historically hasn’t relied on systems engineering practices, implementing MBSE while in the middle of a dynamic shift in technology readiness from conceptual design to detailed design, and utilizing MBSE successfully in specific use cases to promote expansion during a large digital transition. This paper describes the challenges of implementing new digital engineering techniques in the nuclear industry, and how Vitech Corporation’s GENESYS MBSE software has been used as a tool to drive cultural acceptance of digital engineering by demonstrating a better future state of engineering paradigms.

Speaker Bio

Bradley Drake (Co-Author)

Bradley Drake is a Systems Engineer at NuScale Power. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from South Dakota State University. He joined a growing NuScale Systems Engineering team in 2020, contributing to managing multiple plant configurations, capturing requirements of dynamic plant behavior, and a key practitioner of MBSE. Prior to his time at NuScale, Bradley got his first systems engineering experience as a post-baccalaureate at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Intelligence and Space Research division.

Saige Owen (Co-Author)

Saige Owen graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Chemical Engineering during 2020. She joined NuScale’s Systems Engineering team the same year. Her major focus since joining has been establishing and integrating PLM and MBSE tools within NuScale’s workflow. A large portion of this being the transition from document based approach to a datacentric future.