Model Driven Approach to DoD 5000 Acquisitions

Model Driven Approach to DoD 5000 Acquisitions

June 7, 2022 from 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm

Speaker: William Lozier and Rod Wheeler, MITRE

With the adaption of the DoD Digital Engineering Strategy from the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering has spawned a great deal of adaption by industry and government. However how is this digital model driven approach to be executed in a DoD 5000 Acquisition environment? The Huntsville INCOSE Model Base Systems Engineering Working Group has developed an illustrative example spanning from Material Development Decision to Milestone C. The model or collection of models addressed three major questions: How do I know I have a good model? How do I know I have a good solution? And lastly how do I know where I am at in the acquisition process? These questions are addressed using Validation Suites, metachain queries, structured expression metrics or even Velocity Scripts. Illustration of Validations Suites, metachatin queries and Velocity Scripts are provided. Modeling artifacts to be presented at major milestone review are provided. Modularity and model library reuse are central to the model architecture. Multiple views of milestone artifacts are presented shifting the conversations from the format of the data being reviewed to what is to be reviewed. Traceability of requirements, structural and behavioral modeling artifacts are made and demonstrated in the model. An example of integration of other modeling languages such as Architecture Analysis & Design Language is addressed in depth convention.
The interplay between procuring agency and vendor discussing modeling conventions and constraints is discussed

Speaker Bio

Working at MITRE as Lead Model-Based Systems Engineer in support of Army Program Executive Office-Aviation to develop an enterprise wide model based systems engineering environment. Over thirty-five years of Department of Defense and Commercial experience in acquisition, program management, and software development. Prior duty assignment includes Integrated Product Lead (IPT) for Architecture (Open System Architecture and Interface Control Documentation) of an Army Acquisition Category (ACATI) program. Prior to that I was assigned as a Technical Fellow for software development at Marshal Space Flight Center.