Model Based Systems Engineering Rapid Response Process

Model Based Systems Engineering Rapid Response Process

June 7, 2023 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Speaker: Evan Richardson - Sandia National Labs

What would it look like if programs could test drive MBSE before committing the resources required for the entire program? Sandia developed the MBSE Rapid Response capability to allow internal programs to “test drive” MBSE by leveraging experienced modelers to parse program data and quickly build example models with relevant program data. This capability provides relevant MBSE examples for programs to explore and provides as a foundation for future MBSE efforts on the program. In addition to providing quick wins for MBSE efforts, this capability was also created to establish standard approaches and methods, provide MBSE education and training, grow the MBSE community, and provide a method to surge MBSE expertise on high priority modeling needs. This presentation focuses on the processes that are used to scope the modeling process, how to identify and insert the appropriate program information into the model, and how to share the early MBSE findings. As we walk through the process, we will share lessons learned from our experiences and identify the steps necessary to stand up a similar capability at another organization.

Speaker Biography

Evan Richardson is a Systems Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories and has worked in a variety of mission spaces to design and apply transformative systems engineering processes. He shares his passion for systems engineering that originated at the University of Arizona by demonstrating the practical capabilities of Model Based Systems Engineering to grow the user community and increase the capabilities of systems engineers.