Model Based Systems Engineering of Crewed Mars Mission Cybersecurity Planning

Model Based Systems Engineering of Crewed Mars Mission Cybersecurity Planning

June 8, 2022 from 9:00 am to 9:45 am

Speaker: Mitchell Kirshner, University of Arizona

As industries in various sectors increasingly adopt Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for system lifecycle design and development, engineers can manage and describe systems of higher complexity than ever before. This is especially true for the field of human space exploration systems;while previous mission plans have focused on document-based explanations of different systems required to achieve human space travel, it is only in the last several years that NASA and private space companies, has begun using MBSE. As a result, there are still factors of human space exploration that have scarcely been described using MBSE. One crucial factor of human space travel that is often overlooked in past mission plans is cybersecurity. As space systems become more complex and cyberphysical in nature, cybersecurity requirements with traceability during verification and validation become more difficult to capture, especially through document-based methods. Understanding different kinds of attacks to space systems and keeping track of all the vulnerabilities existing in interoperable human space exploration systems-of-systems remains a subject of ongoing research. This presentation shall explore a case study of modeling a crewed Mars mission plan using SysML MBSE techniques, specifically focusing on modeling cybersecurity. Relevant literature shall be reviewed, including examples of cybersecurity SysML modeling in non-crewed space systems and non-space systems. The results of the SysML modeling shall be presented and summarized, including recommendations to the MBSE community at-large for cybersecurity MBSE.

Speaker Bio

Mitchell Kirshner is a PhD Candidate at the University of Arizona studying Systems and Industrial Engineering. His research focuses on MBSE for crewed Mars mission planning and his career interests including advancing human space travel. Mitchell completed his MS degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Northwestern University in 2015, where he also graduated with his BS in Earth and Planetary Sciences, the Integrated Science Program, and Integrated Engineering. Mitchell’s career experience spans from engineering nuclear submarines to rendering data science applications in virtual reality. He is originally from Long Island, NY.