MBSE Stack DevSecOps

MBSE Stack DevSecOps

June 8, 2023 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Speaker: Benjamin Krajmalnik, Rob Marino - Northrop Grumman

The maturation of the MBSE toolchain has brought with it an increase in deployment complexity as well as higher resource demands. As usage becomes more ubiquitous among organizations (to a large degree due to the added capabilities, and therefore higher value added to the organizations), the need for proper DevSecOps becomes critical in order to provide a resilient and scalable environment

Unfortunately, many organizations do not recognize the fact that this is an Enterprise Application serving in many cases thousands of end users. While of no lesser importance than applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning, the rollout and life cycle of the MBSE Stack needs to be properly planned and executed to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and resiliency. A critical component of this strategy relies on continuous monitoring of the stack to isolate potential problem areas as well as continuous optimization of the environment. An often overlooked aspect in this lifecycle, due to separation of duties, is the proper planning and execution of a disaster recovery plan.

As the underlying technology progresses, and organizations opt for deployment using containers, the skillsets required will become critical, in large part due to the availability of these skillsets. And as organizations reach the level requiring elastic scalability of microservices, the complexity of the deployments in many cases will pose a barrier of entry for many organizations, unless established reference deployments and frameworks are promulgated.

Another area which is often overlooked and not properly managed is the dissemination of the client-side applications, which requires proper certified and configuration-managed baselines to be deployed, tailored to an organization’s needs, in order to simplify deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Speaker Biography

Benjamin Krajmalnik is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation, focusing on deployment and life-cycle management of the engineering toolchains, including formulating strategies for deployment as micro services.

Prior to joining Northrop Grumman, Benjamin was a CATIA Systems Modeling Development Senior Manager, focusing on Teamwork Cloud. A veteran of the IT services industry, Benjamin has over 30 years of experience providing technical solutions for businesses.