Maturing MBSE Tool Interoperability at Sandia National Laboratories

Maturing MBSE Tool Interoperability at Sandia National Laboratories

June 7, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Speaker: Max Danik, Alex Bencoe, Marissa Conroy; Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories needed a non-MBSE practitioner assessment methodology to advance the state of MBSE at the capability, organizational, and program levels. As such, a technique was developed to aid in the assessment of current and future state MBSE tools, processes, and adoption. The ultimate goal being to identify demonstrators and tangible steps to reach higher levels of MBSE maturity in a consistent and methodical way. The MBSE Maturity Matrix assessment results pave the foundation for strategic roadmaps which serve as valuable communication tools useful for practitioners and management.

The purpose of our talk is to introduce the proposed Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE) MBSE Maturity Matrix and illustrate how it is applied. We selected three demonstrators focusing on MBSE Tool Interoperability to showcase technical projects that are advancing the maturity of MBSE at Sandia. The demonstrators we are covering include – a consistent and unique Nuclear Deterrence (ND) Schema, GENESYS to Python connection, and establishing a digital thread between GENESYS and product definition.

Nuclear Deterrence has unique constraints with respect to systems engineering and MBSE architecture development such as Nuclear Safety and our Qualification process which is related to Verification and Validation. We will highlight our approach to schema modifications, modeling consistency, and the development of ND specific architectures for future MBSE work.

Through the use of the opensource library pythonnet, and GENESYS API documentation we have successfully piloted how to connect GENESYS with python-based SNL custom detailed design tools. The pilot has provided a real-life example of how we can perform a digital build cycle.

Systems Engineering to Mechanical Computer Aided Design (SE2MCAD) is an effort to create the necessary interoperability elements to enable a digital thread from system requirements and functional behavior to design, manufacturing, and quality acceptance.

Speaker Bio

Alex Bencoe is a practicing Systems Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. He has over 10 years of industry experiencing ranging from Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Quality Engineering, Qualification Engineering, and System Engineering. He is passionate about increasing the Model Based System Engineering capability at SNL and helping drive culture change of MBSE adoption. One of his goals is to make MBSE data more accessible to non-MBSE practitioners and highlight the immense value that is inherent by developing a System’s Engineering model.

Marissa Conroy is a Systems Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories supporting Nuclear Deterrence (ND) programs throughout all phases of the lifecycle. She has experience developing enterprise architectures, V&V, and functional models. She is passionate about early adoption of MBSE principles and techniques to achieve faster development cycles in support of National Security initiatives.

Max Danik is a Systems Engineer who supports multiple early phase Nuclear Deterrence (ND) related programs at Sandia National Laboratories. His background as a Design Engineering Lead helps leverage Model Based Systems Engineering tools to visually communicate design intent, functional decomposition, and complex interfaces earlier in the design phase to promote design understanding, consistency, and agility.