Integrating MBSE and CAD Models In Virtual Reality

Integrating MBSE and CAD Models In Virtual Reality

June 8, 2022 from 8:00 am to 8:45 am

Speaker: Casey Noll and Kelsey Wilson, Sandia National Laboratories

Historically, Systems Engineering has been performed document-based, meaning the only way to learn and understand a system is to examine numerous documents, read through text, and decipher disconnected and possibly outdated static figures and diagrams. The transition to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides significant improvements in visualization, communication, and consistency over its document-based predecessor by generating dynamic and interconnected diagrams. These diagrams are easily auto-generated and updated to provide authoritative sources to understand and document System information. MBSE models provide a wealth of information about a system, subsystem, and/or part with respect to requirements, structure, and behavior. Unfortunately, limitations still exist in the broader goals of Digital Engineering related to disconnected software tools, and therefore models. How can the community begin to address such challenges associated with model interoperability, including MBSE, CAD and analytical models? In this pilot project, we aimed to bridge such models in an open and connected environment while also leveraging the benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) to interact with models. A Resource Description Framework (RDF) exporter for Vitech GENESYS was developed and leveraged as a digital thread to bring an MBSE model into a VR environment (Unity) and interconnect it with CAD models (Creo). This allows a user to interact with both types of models simultaneously, taking in the information each model has to offer in an interactive, virtual environment. MBSE tools coupled with advanced visualization techniques can be leveraged to communicate and solve complex multidisciplinary problems and facilitate a more collaborative environment.

Speaker Bio

Joint abstract proposal from Casey Noll and Kelsey Wilson.
Casey Noll is a Principle R&D Systems Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories whose focus area is leading the implementation of MBSE on System development projects.
Kelsey Wilson is a Senior R&D Systems Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories whose focus area is digital engineering and advanced visualization technologies.