Engineering the Digital Ecosystem

Engineering the Digital Ecosystem

June 6, 2023 from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm

Speaker: Cory Kinsel – Northrop Grumman

Data. Tools. Integrations. Digital Threads. A lot of today’s engineering conversations revolve around these topics, yet these topics and terms are used to mean many things interchangeably leading to more questions and confusion. How do we go about integrating tools? Where do we need the data and how do we know it is authoritative? When should we upgrade and change versions? Modeling the digital ecosystem sheds light on possible answers to these questions, but what considerations need to be in play to have a useful model? In this presentation, I will discuss the process and considerations I use when modeling digital threads and ecosystems. These concepts will give a foundation to start having conversations around your own digital ecosystems.

Speaker Biography

Cory Kinsel is a systems engineer for Northrop Grumman based in Chandler, Arizona. He works in Northrop Grumman’s Digital Transformation Office to develop the digital thread and ecosystem. Cory has spent his entire engineering career within the modeling and simulation space, starting in the flight simulator industry before moving into the model based systems engineering space. He holds a B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University.