Empowering Digital Collaboration Through the Adaptive Enterprise Framework

Empowering Digital Collaboration Through the Adaptive Enterprise Framework

June 6, 2023 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: Marcus Alan – Deloitte

Our approach to Adaptive Enterprise Framework (AEF) encompasses the technical enterprise approach designed to meet the future challenges and demands of Digital Engineering outlined in the Digital Engineering Strategy presented by Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

1. The current Digital Engineering enterprise has the distinct responsibility to develop, manage and collect comprehensive and credible system models with sufficient fidelity that is grounded on an authoritative source of truth (ASoT). The key attribute of an ASoT model is the system model’s evident ability to be verified, validated, and accredited to predetermined specifications based on scope with the understanding that the model is utilized until a designated period of time within the lifecycle

2. The same is true for the collection of systems models managed under the purview of the enterprise in the efforts of making digital assets readily available for periodic configuration management and overall enterprise governance to support interoperability capabilities

3. As the discipline of model-based systems engineering continues to develop, so does the challenges of managing the digital ecosystem which supports the system models. An enterprise digital ecosystem is defined by its ability to give users access to view, read and use instantiate the associated ASoT models and other digital artifacts with wide applicability to manage systems engineering processes

4. These challenges begin to present itself within enterprise digital ecosystems as the loss of critical interoperability capabilities, redundant modeling and simulation engineering efforts and the attrition of essential resources that manages other associated digital artifacts within organization. The ability to effectively manage models above the program level, necessitates the need of incorporating a proficient method of curating models for reuse and integration into the larger digital ecosystem

5. The concept of the Adaptive Enterprise Framework is based on the central consideration that enterprise model management and their digital ecosystem(s) are operated in a modular open system architecture (MOSA) that is either wholly, or in part, managed by the organization as a platform service. In this approach, we understand that the Adaptive Enterprise Framework directly demonstrates an organization’s competitive advantage to produce, curate, and reuse interoperable and credible system models. This topic will review the technical, organizational, and operational approach to include policies, processes and people associated within the Adaptive Enterprise Framework necessary to offer a viable solution to the future demands of digital engineering.

Speaker Biography

Marcus Alan is a MBSE Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting where he supports the Digital Engineering Practice. His work focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to Aerospace and Defense projects. In his previous roles, he served as Security Systems Engineer with the Strategic Systems Program (SSP) for the U.S. Navy to support the System Security Engineering Program policy. Marcus is a transitioning ASEP member of INCOSE. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering Management from Florida International University in Miami, FL.