Digital Standards with MBSE

Digital Standards with MBSE

June 6, 2023 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Aleczander Jackson – Enola Technologies

Presented to an audience of 150 on an international INCOSE webinar, this brief is focused on a process specializing the Model of Models approach (presented in 2022) to truly digitize requirements not just as requirements (minimal digitization) but as artifacts that can be leveraged as a compliant foundation upon which to build new system architectures.

The first part of the process involves capturing standards as a reusable requirements database so that at least there is no needed re-work to recapture said standards as requirements elements to verify the system architecture against for each version of the system to be developed.

Second, digitization into compliant system architectures by manually parsing each requirement to extract the nouns from the text and aggregate like-nouns to structural representations within MBSE, providing a compliant-foundation for users to inherit from.

Third, manually parse requirements in a functional manner to capture the behavioral aspects of said systems, ensuring a functionally compliant foundation for users to base system architectures on. And finally, parsing requirements into parametric constraints to be leveraged to verify that system architectures are compliant with the standards prior to moving into detailed design.

Speaker Biography

With a decade of experience in leading digital transformations for organizations across multiple sectors, Aleczander Jackson brings unique insight into the optimization of the adoption of Digital Engineering, and its subsets, into an organization. In 2019, Alec began his work leveraging the principals of enterprise architecture and systems engineering to perform digital transformations on company processes and tools to form a truly digital chain.

This research extended to applications within various organizations both in the public and private sector to automate training, coaching, data transfer and more within said organizations. Now, Alec focuses on solving industry needs, and preventing industry pains within the space of digital engineering with his company Enola.