Better Living Through Architecture: How Investing in Architects Benefits the Team

Better Living Through Architecture: How Investing in Architects Benefits the Team

June 8, 2023 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Speaker: Austin Charlton - Invensity

The adoption of model-based system engineering (MBSE) among Tier 1 Automotive and Commercial Vehicle suppliers is far from comprehensive, despite the emergence of powerful software tools to assist System Architects with developing model-based system architecture. Teams often still rely on static, image-based architecture drawn up in tools like Visio and PowerPoint. These methods enable architects to produce diagrams much more quickly, but lack the capacity for detailed information that a model-based architecture can contain. Nevertheless, the tenacity of these methods owes to their ability to facilitate quality product development despite their disadvantages. This presentation posits that many Architects continue to use static architecture tools because they feel that their work goes underappreciated, and thus see little incentive to expand their capability.

System Architects are unsung heroes in the systems engineering field. Through this presentation, INVENSITY shares a holistic approach to enable dynamic architecture development – from the organizational level down to the engineering team and the architect themselves – as a means of illustrating the power they bring. Without a widespread understanding of the benefits of robust system architecture across the entire product lifecycle, the work of Architects is cast in shadow, blurring their perceived value. By shining a light on the Architect’s output and the purpose behind it, we connect teams with the ways in which supporting their Architects creates a stronger development network for everyone. In turn, the Architect is inspired to further grow their MBSE competence, raising their own engineering quality along with that of their team, organization, and products.

Speaker Biography

Austin Charlton works as a consultant with INVENSITY Inc., a Detroit-based technology consulting company, and is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University. Austin has half a decade of experience in the automotive industry, both in manufacturing and design, presently focusing on supporting Tier 1 automotive clients develop system architecture. He takes an active role in INVENSITY’s Competence Centers, promoting and multiplying knowledge in systems engineering.