Automated Quality Assurance for Next-Generation Digital Threads

Automated Quality Assurance for Next-Generation Digital Threads

June 8, 2023 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Speaker: Istvan Rath - IncQuery Labs

In the new era of digitalization, there is an ever-growing need for design and production processes capable of increasing systems quality, reducing risks and the chance of errors, while, at the same time, reducing overall production costs. Nowadays, complex digital engineering processes comprise a high number of domains and engineering phases, with automated quality assessment methods, thus, becoming an essential part of forging efficient engineering workflows.

However, the underlying tool landscape is still dominated by closed ecosystems, resulting in the design data remaining in separated silos. In order to effectively deal with novel, massively diverse yet interconnected engineering scenarios, we have to propose new ways to look at the digital thread, supporting every phase of a digital engineering lifecycle, while allowing for automated quality management over multi-domain engineering data via a globally analyzable digital thread.

This talk serves two main purposes: first, to overview the state-of-the-art digital thread tool landscape along quality assurance aspects. Second, to introduce new capabilities in the IncQuery Suite, our flagship digital engineering solution: IncQuery Validator realizes automated quality gates for PLM, architecture design (MBSE) and detailed design tools, providing rule-based static analysis reports and quality scores that are easy to integrate into engineering workflows via continuous integration platforms. We will demonstrate some practical aspects through a complex multi-domain engineering scenario.

Speaker Biography

Dr István Ráth is the CEO of the IncQuery Group, makers of the IncQuery Suite, the leading platform for digital engineering automation. He has a PhD in Software Engineering; his main professional interest is building the next generation of digital engineering tools. He is experienced in international business as well as engineering R&D, in industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, biomedical and industrial automation.