Integrate23 Agenda

DISCOVER, CONNECT, and ELEVATE with Top Thought Leaders

5-8 June 2023 – JW Marriott Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

Integrate23 aims to foster dynamic, vibrant discussions around digital engineering, focusing on open and connected solutions. Integrate23 has something for everyone; Novices and experienced engineers will find engaging and enlightening content. The symposium’s technical program features four tracks from world-renowned experts covering model-based systems engineering (MBSE), artificial intelligence in systems and product design, smart manufacturing, digital engineering in an industrial context, system safety and reliability, cybersecurity, and enterprise architecture. Select presentations will emphasize novel methods and approaches to solving real problems. They will not be limited to specific tooling – all major MBSE platforms are represented, including Vitech’s CORE and GENESYS products.

And if you fancy a short break to investigate the world of electronics and electrical design, attendees are welcome to join our sister event, Zuken Innovation World Americas.

Full Event Agenda

5 June 2023

6 June 2023

7 June 2023

8 June 2023


Track 1:

For the Designers

Track 2:

For the Makers

Track 3:

For the Thinkers

Track 4:

For the Innovators

7:30 AM Arrival & Check-in
8:00 AM Unveiling of Modeling Competition Challenge Topic; Q/A Session
8:30 AM (Competition) Modeling and Solution Development
12:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM (Competition) Teams Solution Presentations
3:30 PM (Competition) Judges Deliberation
5:30 PM Welcome Reception & Announcement of Modeling Competition Award Winners


Track 1:

For the Designers

Track 2:

For the Makers

Track 3:

For the Thinkers

Track 4:

For the Innovators

8:00 AM Breakfast & Registration
9:15 AM Welcome From the CEOs
10:00 AM

Opening Keynote

Dan Thurmon: “Positive Chaos”

11:15 AM

Systems Engineering Challenges of the Next Generation Space Suit

Michael Cabrera – Jacobs Engineering

Engineering the Digital Ecosystem

Cory Kinsel – Northrop Grumman

Ontology-first hub and spoke Architecture for Model Interoperability

Michael Mitchell – Sandia National Labs

Assessing Methods to Increase the Value-Added Interplay Between MBSE and Detailed Design Tools

Brian Selvy – Zuken Vitech

12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM

Digital Standards with MBSE

Aleczander Jackson – Enola Technologies

New Digital Thread Solutions for Architecture and ECAD Models

Dirk Zwemer – Intercax

Safely Navigating the River of Doubt: Executing a Successful Digital Transformation

Michael Vinarcik, SAIC

Design for Sustainability Developing a Design Optimization Culture

Dave Genter – Cummins

2:00 PM

Six Fundamentals of a Successful MBSE Implementation

Dan Spencer

Quantitative FMA: Using Coupled MBSE and Simulation Methods to Remove the Guesswork from Failure Mode Analysis

Jeremy Ross – Ford

A Model for Cyber Mission Assurance in an MBSE Framework

Drew Smeaton, Perry Dombowsky – SSENG Group

Introduction to the Integrate23 Digital Engineering Hub

Steve Cash – Zuken Vitech

3:00 PM Vitech 360

Accelerate Development and Increase Productivity Through Digital Transformation

Kameswari Tanuku – Applied Materials

4:00 PM

SysMLv2: What’s Next?

Rick Steiner – University of Arizona

Developing Parallel Programs While Maturing and Implementing Digital Engineering Capabilities

Max Danik and Evan Richardson – Sandia National Labs

Digital Engineering Application of the Environment-Vulnerability-Decision-Technology Framework for Hurricane Disaster Relief Decision Support

Mitchell Kirshner – University of Arizona

Configure, Select, Tune. Trade Space Analysis & Simulation for a System Family

Charles Krueger – BigLever and Scott Ragon – Ansys


Track 1:

For the Designers

Track 2:

For the Makers

Track 3:

For the Thinkers

Track 4:

For the Innovators

7:15 AM Breakfast in Exhibit area
8:15 AM Digital Engineering, A Time for Transformation
9:00 AM

Understanding the Digital Thread between MBSE and Programs Risk Management

Risa Gorospe, Shannon Dubicki – Johns Hopkins APL

Development of a System Integration Tool Leveraging a Commercial Game Engine

Kelsey Wilson, Cori Cheung – Sandia National Labs

Model Based Systems Engineering Rapid Response Process

Evan Richardson – Sandia National Labs

How Lockheed Martin Streamlined Their Digital Thread With DS2

Grant Denis – Lockheed Martin

10:00 AM

SysML v2 and Vitech’s Comprehensive Systems Design Language

Daniel Nguyen – Zuken Vitech

Digital Engineering: An Engineering Problem with an IT Solution

Ken Ernstein – General Dynamics Mission Systems

Maturating decision-making on Industrial Assets by using Digital Assets

Jorge Granada – Knar Global

Roadmap for PCB Design Using Artificial Intelligence

Kyle Miller – Zuken UK

11:00 AM

Model Based Mission Assurance

Winona Reda – Leidos

Complexities of Open Digital Thread for Commercial and Government Aerospace Programs

Stephanie Chiesi – SERC Doctoral Fellow

How to Assess Your Current MBSE Maturity and Develop a Roadmap to Meet Your Targets

Max Danik, Marissa Conroy – Sandia National Labs

Practical Applications of Implementing a Digital Thread

Sage Pasternacki – Northrop Grumman

11:45 AM Lunch
12:45 PM


Andy Henderson – Zuken Vitech

Impact Analysis of System Architecture for Automotive Systems

Jakob Egan – Invensity

Design, Verification and Validation of an Avionics Cable Assembly using SysML

William Lozier – MITRE

SBE Vision and Genesys on the Digital Thread

David Vredenburgh

1:30 PM Technology Showcase
Exhibits + Theater + Expert Bar + Networking
7:00 PM Conference Dinner


Track 1:

For the Designers

Track 2:

For the Makers

Track 3:

For the Thinkers

Track 4:

For the Innovators

8:00 AM Breakfast in Exhibit area
9:00 AM

Better Living Through Architecture: How Investing in Architects Benefits the Team

Austin Charlton – Invensity

MBSE Stack DevSecOps

Benjamin Krajmalnik, Rob Marino – Northrop Grumman

The GitHub revolution is coming to MBSE. Are you ready?

Daniel Siegl – Lieber Lieber

Master Electronics Systems Development with CR-8000 & 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, featuring 3D Electromagnetic/Thermal simulations
10:00 AM

Automated Quality Assurance for Next-Generation Digital Threads

Istvan Rath – IncQuery Labs

Risk Management as an Integral Element of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) using Case Studies and Examples

Ben Jurewicz, St. Mary’s Unversity

What’s New in GENESYS

Lou Priolo – Zuken Vitech

The PCB Subsystem: Architecture Requirements Analysis & Traceability Gate

Ed Duranty – Zuken USA

11:00 AM

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the Systems Engineering Process

Brian Moberley – STC

Thoughts on Teaching MBSE

Rick Steiner, Joe Gregory, Mitchell Kirshner – University of Arizona

Open MBEE Update

Chris Delp, NASA JPL

Visualizing Sandia’s System Engineering Architecture Using GENESYS and Python

Alex Bencoe – Sandia National Labs

12:00 PM MBSE Open Community Forum