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Vitech Connects Digital Engineering with GENESYS 2021 R2

Vitech, A Zuken Company, is pleased to announce the release of GENESYS 2021 R2, the most recent version of its flagship systems engineering software. Designed from the ground up to provide a robust platform for managing the complexities of today’s intelligent and connected systems, GENESYS improves the quality of systems engineering in organizations with its model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach. This release extends and improves the foundations for connectivity to other digital engineering products, which allows GENESYS to integrate diverse engineering data into a continuous digital thread.


With this release, GENESYS adds a rich, web-based application programming interface, called a REST API. This API complements the existing GENESYS Open API to provide partners and customers with significant capabilities and options for implementing broad digital engineering solutions. “We see this new API as a critical integration point to deliver on a joint strategy of connected digital ecosystems. Without this, creating analyzable, digital threads would be nearly impossible,” said Istvan Rath, CEO of IncQuery Labs, a Vitech partner.

Another new capability is a simple-to-use but powerful viewpoint capability. With this feature, users can extract specific aspects of engineering data based on reusable queries. This helps to present relevant engineering data in a meaningful way to its intended consumers, whether they are part of the engineering teams or other stakeholders.

In addition to these improvements connecting both systems and users, there are numerous improvements to performance and overall usability. Diagnostic checks have been optimized to run more efficiently and now provide easier to understand error messages. A significant performance improvement has been realized in the Excel connector, where bulk operations now run ten to fifteen times faster.

“Open ecosystems allowing organizations to connect best-of-breed tools are critical to a successful digital transformation,” stated David Long, Vitech President and CEO, “we believe the rich connectivity in GENESYS and the power of our systems approach bring tremendous value to our partners and customers seeking to realize this vision.”

About Vitech, A Zuken Company
For more than 25 years, Vitech has delivered innovative, industry-leading solutions which provide the tools and insight required to define, develop, and manage complex systems for government agencies, private and public companies, and universities across the globe. Vitech’s GENESYS™ and CORE™ software embrace the holistic aspects of systems engineering, unlike siloed approaches and products that mask critical context and system interactions. Vitech solutions enable teams to clearly capture and address system concerns, from problem identification through requirements, architecture, and test in an integrated model, managing the critical interrelationships to guarantee consistency and design integrity. The result is a team empowered to engineer with confidence, free to focus on creativity, innovation, and analysis to effectively deliver against stakeholder needs. For more information, visit

About Zuken
Zuken is a global software company delivering electrical and electronic design solutions. Founded in 1976, Zuken has a consistent track record of technology innovation and financial stability in the electronic and electrical design automation (EDA) industry. With its CR-8000 and E3.series product families, Zuken provides a robust lineup of system-level 2D/3D electrical and electronic toolsets complemented by comprehensive design data and configuration management capabilities.

Most recently, Zuken has embraced the digital transformation and, more specifically, digital engineering as the way forward with its entry into the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) industry. Today, Zuken delivers world-class design solutions combining MBSE products and services with a mature, proven electrical and electronic design suite to address the needs of a broad range of industries across the globe. For more information about the company and its products, visit,, or