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Dynamic, vibrant discussions around all areas of digital engineering.

Vitech To Host Digital Engineering Symposium in San Antonio in Summer 2022


Vitech is proud to announce its inaugural digital engineering symposium, Integrate22. Set to begin on June 6, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas, Integrate22 will be an annual event focused on promoting education, collaboration, and the realization of next generation digital engineering strategies.

Integrate22 aims to foster dynamic, vibrant discussions around all areas of digital engineering, with a focus on open and connected solutions. The symposium’s technical program features three presentation tracks from world-renowned experts covering topics such as model-based systems engineering (MBSE), artificial intelligence in systems and product design, smart manufacturing, digital engineering in an industrial context, system safety and reliability, cybersecurity, and enterprise architecture.

Collocated with Zuken Innovation World Americas, Zuken USA’s annual user and technology conference, this is a tremendous opportunity to explore the latest solutions and methods in systems engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, and how digital engineering is changing how engineers work across the globe.